Welcome to our Virtual Dairy Farm

Here you can explore the systems that make up modern dairy farms in the United States. If you wish, you can go deep into the science that makes modern dairy farming efficient, humane, environmentally conscious, and economically sustainable.

1500 Cow Farm

A 1500-cow farm isn’t simply more of the things that make up the 150-cow farm. Systems change and options multiply as farms grow to take advantage of specialized management, economy of scale, and productivity. You can flip back and forth between the 1500-cow and 150-cow farms to see how features change between the two sizes.

Total GHG emissions for a modeled 1500 cow farm are 0.92 kg CO2-eq/kg milk (corrected to 4% fat and 3.3% protein), which can range between 0.70 to 0.95 kg CO2-eq/kg FPCM based on different management practices adopted on the farm.

For more information on the estimated emissions from the modeled 1500 cow farm go to LCA fact sheet and for more information on the modeled management practices go to management practices fact sheet.